Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Safety Net Of Civil Rights

For years living here in Detroit I would cringe at the countless times I would observe Rosa Parks feeble and senile being carted around the city and elsewhere to get an award or to front for some fundraising efforts. I resented it then and now when I witness Ali being shuffled. I resent this practice when old civil rights leaders get tossed around for media coverage when race is on the radar.

The MSM and the usual suspects in the political marketplace always exploit the death of famed civil rights leaders with overkill and tired soundbites of course it is easier for them to live in the safe past when Black icons are dead or no longer create risk. Progressive and assertive modern Black leaders who would rather focus on finance, science,enviormental concerns and foreign affairs are not news worthy for coverage for MSM. The safety net is always old time civil rights stuff for the MSM..

The Black community evolved decades ago with regard to civil rights we have charted many other paths yet the marketplace refuses to mature and evolve with us. Our communities are demanding growth and development in other areas from economics, science, fiscal concerns to global affairs... .

When will the rest of America catch up with us?????


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Our communities are demanding growth and development in other areas from economics, science, fiscal concerns to global affairs...[/quote]

Perhaps you need to go read the campaign web site of Kevin Powell For Congress 10th District Of New York.

Interestingly enough in this "D+38" district he is able to attack the conditions in this district that is solidly in the hands of these same "Progressive Black Leaders" and Democrats without risking attacking the ideology and the machine that is failing the community.

All of the points that you speak of require QUALITY EDUCATION in these places. Sadly and far too often despite these same Progressive leaders having wrested control of the schools from their adversaries they are not putting these young people on the track of becoming the thought leaders that you speak of in your original post.

Anonymous said...


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

And whom, sir, do you believe still do their level best at trotting out Parks, et al -- as well as some of the finest race baiting extant?


Thrasher said...


Please do not hesistate to give me your thoughts on who these folks are.

I do know that negrophobia is still a pathological cultural aspect of white america and as such the usual Black suspects get the invites.

But again please share with us your suspects.

D20 said...

"...negrophobia is still a pathological cultural aspect of white america...


With all the back and forth we've had, this opinion seems to be a central theme in your commentary. I think that it is a key point of disagreement between us.

On what do you base this opinion? I accept the documentation of history. However, I find it difficult to accept your diagnosis of my individual condition, which is solely based on my (involuntary) association with a group ("white america").

Surely, you realize that the statement above is very far-reaching. It says that I, as an involuntary member of white america, fear (phobos) blacks (negro).

I say that this opinion is not factual. Granted, that's based entirely on self-diagnosis. However, as the sole owner and possessor of my psyche, I hold a slight edge over anybody else when it comes to measuring my own mental condition.

That aside, if our discourse is to continue constructively, then I must be sure that we're using the same words in the same way.

How do you define "black"? Is it more than skin color? Consequently, are there Americans with black skin who are members of white america?

Thrasher said...


I am a public intellectual as such my use of words in the public marketplace are in part for educational purpose and related objectives. I

I provide commentaries, essays, dialouge, discourse, lectures, and related products and services for the marketplace not individuals unless noted. I alone reserve the right to define my intentions on anything and everything...

Please adjust accordingly. I do agree that defintions are important in a classroom venue and where training is an objective.

Again my premise regarding the state of negrophobia in our nation is not a newsflash nor a cutting edge declaration given the historical and present day state of racial relations in our nation.

I often invoke and insert this verbiage to frame the context of a talking point or narrative I am seeking to dialouge or pontificate upon...

"Black" in the context of America is obviously more than one's hue.. it is a large library I draw from in my body of work from politics to culture..

D20 said...

"I provide commentaries, essays, dialouge, discourse, lectures,..."


Truth be told, I'm not seeing a lot of dialogue or discourse from you. Nowhere in our history have you and I gone back and forth over a single point. There is risk to the ego in such an exercise: Once we whittle away the trite and superfluous, there lay our core beliefs, exposed and left to stand on their own merits.

Your products and services are for the marketplace, and not for individuals. To use a metaphor: You won't step away from the lectern, off the stage, and into a corner coffee shop for a detailed, one-on-one discussion? Can Plane Ideas go beyond the mere declaration of ideas (Demosthenes -- commentary, essay, lecture) and into reconciling the contradiction of juxtaposed ideas (Cicero -- discourse and dialogue)?

Your response almost completely ignored my comment. Do you have any interest in influencing your fellow man? Or, do you only wish to journal your thoughts? (Both perfectly admirable enterprises, by the way.)

Thrasher said...


Your question did not require a lot of detailed analysis BTW I have a number of conversations with people in a number of different venues that are good for that kind of communication.

You are a fragile soul:-) apparently..I am not adverse to personal consults..You have my email go for it crave out some dates/times/venues...

I will not charge you..lol,lol,lol

Thrasher said...


BTW I am taping my show tomorrow you are welcome to come by and observe , chat, whatever,..

Send me an email with your info.. . I will reply in kind..