Monday, April 26, 2010

The Menu of Life

In the media and I am sure in various household venues across the nation the discussion about health care is a major topic. It is true that what we eat is critical to any health care discussion but not only is food and diet important but so is the items on the menu that we feed our minds.

Our mental state of health is as critical as any diet. It is important that we feed our minds with good ideas, thoughts, logic,and content. One could argue that without a strong mental constitution being a super healthy person without an equally progressive state of mind is a waste of food and good health.

I don't want toxic thoughts and negative knowledge inside my body. I am always rejecting hate, depression, evil and any negative ideas and thoughts from entering my body. When I eat I never read negative materials nor do I watch negative images on my TV or my computer screen while I am feeding my body. I monitor emails and I avoid downloading toxic and counterproductive materials from all sources including friends and associates.

I digest good music..I inhale wonderful aromas..I touch beautiful things..I absorb the atmospheric of imagination.... I watch wonderful images..I eat the splendor of the world....

My menu of life is more than a happy meal....


D20 said...

So, you choose to remain ignorant of the opposing point of view. You pull off a label from the roll ("hate", "evil", "negative", "counterproductive", "toxic",... you forgot "racist"), slap it on, and proceed to ignore it.

It truly must be bliss, living in your own happy little world.

Thrasher said...


People like you are amazing I don't mention race in my commentary and you get upset...

Makes you wanna holla and throw up both hands!!!!

D20 said...

Yeah, I jumped the gun on that one...

However, a cursory review of your accumulated commentary (nay, a list of your post titles alone) reveals an overwhelming majority of subject matter orbiting a central thesis of "race." You, sir, both look and sound like a duck.

There still lingers, unaddressed, your habit of ignoring opposing arguments. Gradually, with each comment, alternative explanations for this behavior are being stripped away. I certainly don't want to conclude that all this (back-and-forth) has been a colossal waste of my time.

Thrasher said...
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Thrasher said...


I am an activist and I have been at this for over 40 years. The body of my work is on race and politics. I don't do cookies or make clothes...

It continues to amaze me how people seem to ignore this obvious condition of,lol,lol

Yes I am a duck who toils in the pond of race and politics..Surprise!!!!!!

D20 said...

"...people like you and others who seek to ignore the obvious..."

(Note: The 0637 PDT post didn't entirely escape deletion.)

This is a major show-stopper to fruitful discussion (an exercise in which, thus far, you have made no move to participate).

There is a fundamental premise that, to you, is axiomatic; it is "obvious." It is the wellspring from which all your commentary and ideas flow.

To me, the premise is not axiomatic; it is not universally applicable; it doesn't even adequately describe the true state of human nature.

If "A" is not "A", sir, then any adequate discussion between you and me is impossible.

State your premise.

I will not presume to state it for you. My diction would be inadequate and would only serve to further frustrate an already tenuous discussion.

Thrasher said...


It is you that hides behind an alias and a pc..I extended an invite to you ( please note my invite under my blog about the safety net of civil rights).

Please also spare me the Ayn Rand soundbytes if possible... Please excerise some independent original thoughts..

I am not compelled to articulate anything according to your reference points...It is you that has been in a reactionary mode and posture about my commentaries..

You not me must state your premise and manifesto... I have pubic recorded footprints..My premise ha always been transparent and in full view of the light...

Thrasher said...


I am getting tired of your excuses about lack of discussion from my optics it appears to be an excuse and confirmation that you cannot measure up to my talking points..

You have dumped a number of comments on my blog that flys in the face of your tired excuse of my lack of discourse..

BTW feel fre to leave your phone# in an email..That is of course if you have the courage to,lol,lol

D20 said...

Again, contradiction and inconsistency: Thrasher, who complains that "white folks like me" can't separate his purpose from his identity, has a problem with my icosahedral pseudonym.

The sum total of your replies amounts to: "Dude, if you don't already know, then I'm not gonna tell you." The pains you've taken to evade debate reveal that you have no interest in discussion. Please, amend your blog title to "PLANE IDEAS (not for discussion)."

I'ma call you "Josh" from now on, after a fictional supercomputer from my time who reached the same conclusion you have:

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

My premise and manifesto? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The government must not act to deny these to any of her people, nor to elevate said rights for one group at the expense of another.

"Activism," "Progressivism," Social, Racial, Environmental, Economic "Justice," "Equality," "Affirmative Action"... all leftist code-speak for subversive movements that seek to deny the rights of "white" Americans at the expense of "minorities." Face it: You want revenge on the white man for slavery, conquering the "New World", or any other perceived "injustice". Or, worse, you would leverage the elected legal perverts to turn "people like me" into financial slaves for your "community." Your community, which, by-and-large, has abdicated personal responsibility. Such audacity must needs be sugar-coated, otherwise it would not be tolerated in any broadcast media.

So, Josh, have fun making "footprints" with your little blog, comment board trolling, and letters to editors of long-dead publications. You've turned out to be a colossal waste of my time. Clanging the same gong or cymbal over and over isn't going to change anybody's mind.

And remember, if you ever get the gumption to try anything stupid, "people like me" are ever-vigilant and very possessive of their freedoms.

---End of line---

Thrasher said...


Your rant reveals the same angry white male that I encountered on MT maturation is not a part of your DNA apparently..

I also find it revealing how when I invited you to attend my taping of my TV show and when I invited you to call me you played the coward role...

I am an American our country does not belong to only whites like you so deal with this truth and reality..

BTW your threats mean nothing to me I will fear nobody not even,lol,lol