Thursday, July 23, 2009

Black Folks as Conduits & Carriers of Depravity

Recently one of the country's most famous Black educators and historians was racially profiled and his MUGSHOT was plastered all over the print and electronic media world. Every known media venue pasted his MUGSHOT for all to see and salivate.

I find it troubling to read a number of Black Websites , Black Pundits, also engaged in this virtual racial profiling by mirroring the MSM by also publishing the MUGSHOT.

Why must Black folks perpetuate this racial injustice by being the carrier of this racial falsehood. The good professor is not a criminal, charges were dropped and more importantly what is gained by racially profiling the good professor millions of times on the internet and other media venues.

I am tired of the shallow excuse and unproven inferences and questionable logic that argues such publication will remind and keep Black folks focused on the reality of racism in 2009.

Sorry but I am not going to be the carrier of hate more importantly I believe Black folks have evolved pass this tired parlor act and we have more progressive and positive alternatives to encourage and elevate our community. Count me out I am not a carrier.....

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