Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slavery Marketing

Our country's racial legacy is not only tragic but it still stings today, recently a number of well intentioned people expressed upset and discord over a political advertisement which invoked a background of a lynching as a part of the content of the advertisement. Many of these reactions from my vantage point were not only misplaced but are in reality actually counter productive. When a society seeks to suffocate and sometimes even bury and ignore its own evils it does so at the peril of our future and at the expense of those it claims to be protecting. When a society only allows for designated groups to promote and utilize provocative historical materials if increases the potential for censorship and ignorance. The idea that Black Americans should follow the rules and decorum of a civil and gentile white society with regard to this subject matter is unacceptable . Such a underdeveloped and myopic posture handcuffs the free flow of information and it allows for those in the dominant society to be the architect of honesty and truth even when such truth is graphic and ugly. It is a cultural conflict of interest which should not be the prerogative of those in the very dominate society which perpetrated the acts of evil. At the end of the day such a posture is inequitable and continues to rewards the beneficiaries of slavery while preventing the victims to used the capital of slavery for their own designated agenda and objectives. Black people should never be restrained by the decorum of a gentile society with regard to slavery and related historical topics. Black people in America should always have the complete spectrum of choices to employ this historical landscape including the use of slavery images and artifacts to not only educate and but to memorialize our country's disregard for our humanity. This scope of leverage in my view includes the marketing and distribution of slavery images for political campaigns and informational objectives . Black people should never seek pc permission to articulate our reality and history despite how dark a story it is. The suggestion by those that this materials should have selective shelve life is patronizing and wrong. To allow others to not only define but license how evil should be portrayed also handicaps those in the dominant society from understanding the depth of evil . Such a demeanor can also hamper those in the dominant society from sharing with the victims ideas and programs to address the destruction that such evil created. I reject the convention which claims it is offensive for people to employ lynching, slavery, and other dehumanizing images as a means to articulate a political objective in a campaign. When such images can galvanize and turn up the volume then by all means we need more not less of this type of graphic and brutal advertisement. Those in America who reject this type of advertisement are making a hugh mistake. The victims of America's inhumanity to its own brethren reserve the right to determine how such material is marketed and utilized...

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