Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Open Range aka Universal Candidacy

At every level of public governance across the country and here locally in our state there has been a huge outcry about the lack of quality candidates in the market place for voters to select from when a civil office is open and a election is required. The candidates who decide to run for public office on every level have in many elections left a lot to be desire from the nature of their platforms to the degree of their character. Voters are clamoring for a new paradigm in which to select candidates to represent their interests in all matters of public business and service.

There is simply a demand for a process which provides for more qualified candidates especially in venues where arbitrary residency rules and eligibility protocol often acts to limit the probability of better and more qualified choices for the electorate to select from. The basic truth is that many ex residents of a city still have a stake hold in the city and many seek to help and give back in a meaningful way but are banned from becoming elective candidates because they do not live in the jurisdictions of the public offices.

To addressed this political reality my firm has developed an protocol which has the potential to improve governance at every level of electoral politics. We created this evolutionary idea with respect for the legacy of democracy, one man one vote, home rule , voting rights act and our constitutional rights and safeguards.

PLANE IDEAS Political Construct:

ANYONE can run for an elected office regardless of their domicile but only the voters of that city, district, county have the vested right to cast a vote for a candidate . This posture allows for the local eligible voter to retain sovereignty and final control over their political affairs. No voter disenfranchisement exists and home rule remains the sole province of the voter. Exclusionary residency rules and other non-inclusive candidacy eligibility measures are not in play when elected public offices are up for grabs. This is not a paradigm for a metropolitan type of government.

This approach provides all voters with an increased pool of candidates and it does not penalize anyone because of one's domicile. What drives this enhanced approached is the voters demand for an larger pool of qualified candidates who are not precluded or banned from seeking public office because of the candidate's eligibility and domicile.

All citizens and voters deserve the best candidate in the marketplace not just those who live within the electoral borders . Citizens and voters should not be handicapped or handcuffed by the lack of qualified candidates when so many of them are available and seeking to serve

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