Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Failure of Black Conservatism

The failure of the politics of conservative thought in the Black community has never been a surprise for me I have always known that black people are>very astute in rejecting backward ideas,underdeveloped thoughts and philosophies. The media fiction that the GOP and conservative principles are gaining a new foothold with Black folks is nonsense and is nothing more than the exaggerated press releases of GOP balloon blowers and black apologists seeking affirmation from conservative whites as they mine the lucrative cottage industry of black conservatism.Conservatives when they dressed themselves in black face become even of a more losing proposition because this partnership only insults the audience the conservatives wish to recruit and indoctrinate. It should however be pointed out that the failure of conservative politics in the Black community is not based entirely on the underdeveloped core themes and ideas of conservative politics nor on the legacy of its racists beliefs as marketed by white republicans. Some of the failure of conservative thinking in the hood is a direct result of black folks who have embraced conservatism as a panacea for the ills of black folks as manta from heaven . Black conservatives are always their own worst victim in this parade. Black conservatives continue to display a patronizing and condensing posture when they interact with those who are not card caring members of the GOP. In addition these Black operatives never seem to get pass touting the usual Black token darlings of the GOP. It should be noted that the very ideals of some conservative principles have existed in the Black community long before whites even entered the soil of North America.Black conservatives who have embraced conservative politics fail miserably in the black community because they are viewed as agents of a political philosophy that at it's core has contempt for black dignity and humanity.Black conservatives simply cannot navigate around the ugly legacy of white racism so when black conservatives seek to uplift and elevate black masses with the failed themes of conservative politics they look like minstrels and fools to the majority black electorate.The truth is of course liberal political ideology and conservative ideology both are on their last days in the black community neither has been effective in truly changing the life conditions of the majority of Black Americans. Black cultural traditions and our very essence as a people have liberated us from the obstacles that life has brought us in America not the partnership with whites marketing political dogma from either side of the aisle right or left.The Black electorate has always been vulnerable to the prospects of a movement which values and respects the vast cultural and social capital>the Black community has. Liberal conventions have at least offered some basic features which have contributed to the well being of Black folks in this country of course none of us are enshrining white liberals as our saviors or liberators we have done that ourselves and no doubt we will continue to be our own icons and legends.Black people generally are not obsessed with politics nor do they view the political arena as being an integral aspect of their lives. Our greatest assets have always outside the traditional mainstream orthodoxies.Black folks will embrace a political construct that has them at the core of its paradigm. We are hungry for a new meal with a menu full of new recipes and ideas. Black conservatives would be best suited if they were the primal beginning of a new political movement one which is without the legacy of white supremacy nor the result of white architecture. The question is where is the origin of this fertile spring it is apparent that the stream of conservative dogma and propaganda have never truly flowed with our interests at heart....

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Eric Brown said...


What are your views with regard to a black moderate and/or independents? For the record, there are moderate Democrats and Republicans, as well as moderate-thinking people that associate themselves with the lessor-known political parties. I respect your views with regard to black conservatism, but you seem to be painting anyone that may identify themselves as a Republican that happens to be black as a conservative.