Thursday, July 2, 2009

Myths of Education..

Often when I lecture to children I always incorporate a discussion about vocational opportunties as well as college . When I lecture with adults I often engaged in a discussion about how most of our state leaders have credentials that reflect the finest schools in America yet our state is almost a 3rd world venue under the tenure of these so-called educated elites..

Fact is often the most backward and underdeveloped people are the educated...These people will eat an egg roll and think they are experts on asian issues...They will drink a corona and become experts on hispanics..They will eat fried chicken and become subject matter experts of Black folks....

I have discovered in my adventures in life the most profound people are seniors, ex-inmates, unemployed, and children....hands down....

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Eric Brown said...

damn, you are so right. I get criticized by my colleagues when I speak on behalf of Eastern Michigan University as a member of the alumni association board of directors. I am a firm believer that college is not for everyone. My message to high school students is that if they are thinking about college, but may not be prepared to go, try the community college or vocational school route.

The responses that I get from the students is always amazing and appreciative. My peers on the other hand is that I am taking potential students away from EMU. Whatever, because I would be doing them a disservice to tell them that they are ready for college and they are not.

Great post!