Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crime in the Burbs

The candid perspective of criminals in the suburbs has been revealing, troubling and at the end of the truly disheartening.. The media of course instead of developing a dialogue which disarms the disinformation and propaganda about Detroit and its students instead fuels another circular and destructive angry saga of Detroit versus the suburbs. Parents of Detroit students have for years challenged and the notion that their children are drug users, criminals and cultural savages yet those pleas mean nothing to the region's media machines eager to profit on their new ownership configurations. It is apparent that many suburbanites are in denial and resent the truth about their own behaviors and that of their next door neighbors. Many suburbanites in moments of clarity and honesty know their children become deviants, criminals and predators against the citizens of Detroit.These attacks include the usual garden variety street crimes like drug buys, sexual transactions with prostitutes to more complex crimes like arson for hire, identity theft, to lifestyle crimes like the business of slum land lords to white collar crimes which target homeownership of Detroit residents. Often Detroit residents are nothing more than easy targets for the criminal appetite of its suburban hustlers and criminal business executives.Yet that type and scope of media coverage is a good tease.Instead of acknowledging the lethal and vicious behavior of these suburban predators against Detroit citizens what we get from suburban public officials and commentators is a series of excuses, deflection and twisted denials. We have folks without any once on integrity seeking to stain and taint the volunteer projects between students from the suburbs and the city because they are angered by the truth of the mayor's comments. Apparently some of these efforts were just pc projects to score sympathy and appearance points for helping the savages of Detroit. We have impotent college students patronizing Detroit citizens by lecturing to them about how suburban doctors and lawyers performed miracles in the jungle streets of Detroit while ignoring all of the reciprocal and lucrative opportunities Detroit residents have provide to suburban lawyers and doctors. All of these denial and and excuses from these suburban apologists really never do confront and address the truth. Many urban residents have often been at the end of unwarranted attacks on their personhood. Bashing Detroit with fictional claims of decadence and decay has been a lethal knee jerk birthright of many suburbanites for decades. It is amusing observing the critics of mayor's comments vent their venom when the shoe is now the other foot. Crime of course never stops at the water's edge nor does Crime take the time to register the area code and zip code of its victims. Crime flourishes often because it knows that division's and underdeveloped attitudes make it easy for it to prey on good people. Drug use and criminal activity are fixtures in the suburbs as well as the city. Those who make excuses and wage open attacks and whisper campaigns against people who have the courage to discuss these truths only make it easier for the culture of crime because of course Crime does not care where its victims live or their ethnic or racial or national origin . Crime is an equal opportunity product of america.

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