Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crime a Political Construct

Behaviors that the community has been programmed to view as negative become behaviors that are codified into the penal code and the violation of these politically created behaviors become public crimes..

Some behavior has always been subject to community sanctions from homocide to sexual behavior involving both minors and adults. The more laws you have the more crime you have..The volume of police create the volume of documented criminal behavior.

The community determines the level and volume of crime it wishes to be controlled by the police. Certain behaviors i.e drug usage has always been underreported and subject to political variables at best.

Crime is more a myth than a reality.Most victims of certain crimes know the perp and most crimes involve some degree of property loss and personal assault..

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Eric Brown said...

You need a wider audience my friend. I am glad that I decided to give your blog a shot.